Fila Skeletoes – New To The Scene and Making an Impact

Prior to the release of Fila Skeletoes, word around the industry was this Fila design was nothing more than an attempt by Fila to knock off Vibram’s popular Fivefinger shoe line. Vibram’s line had answered the prayers of many runners who wanted the freedom of barefoot running without sacrificing protection. While Fila’s Skele toe shoes would be marketed to a similar active consumer, fact of the matter is Skeletoes by Fila were not designed to be a knockoff of Vibram’s Fivefinger shoe. The selling point of this shoe is the fact that it isn’t just marketed towards runners. In fact, Skeletoes aren’t even suggested for running although this hasn’t stopped runners from embracing the shoe for its minimal design and barefoot feel. Some runners have even indicated that they prefer that the Skeletoe shoe has some extra padding in comparison to the Vibram Fivefinger.

Fila’s shoe was designed to be durable in the elements. Skeletoe shoes are definitely an “activity shoe” designed to withstand wear and tear with activities like walking, swimming, boating, and biking in mind. The shoe is fairly water resistant. The Skeletoe line is branded with the slogan “For Just About Everywhere” and product details specifically mention everything from rock, pavement and gravel to grass, dirt, water, mountains, trees, and mud.

Fila Skeletoes have also been embraced by consumers as a great everyday shoe. The shoes have especially become popular with those who have jobs requiring that they are on their feet for most of the day. The shoe doesn’t have to be broken in for a period of time since they are comfortable right out of the box. The neoprene like material, firm rubber outer sole and elastic throat around the shoe’s top, makes for an amazingly comfortable experience. The shoes look awesome enough to be accepted in high school hallways with the added benefits of being affordable while promoting healthier better feeling feet by contorting to the foot’s natural form. Fila Skeletoes Pros unique style allow for no heel striking which replicate barefoot style walking and running. Here are a few attributes of Fila’s Skeletoe shoes:

· Four Toe Pockets: The smallest two toes go into one “EZSLIDE” pocket. This actually makes the shoe more comfortable and easier to put on in comparison to Vibram shoes.

· Three Velcro Bands: This promotes a snug but comfortable fit and allows you to adjust the straps to perfectly fit your foot.

· Thick Soles: The soles on Fila Skeletoes have some extra thickness in comparison to other barefoot running footwear. The sole is rubber and a bit rigid in order to safeguard the bottom of your foot. The soles actually have a picture of a small foot skeleton.

The main complaint we’ve seen so far since the introduction of the Fila Skeletoes line is there aren’t enough colors available. Men’s Skeletoes come in black, orange and blue. Boys have a red available instead of the orange. Women’s Skeletoes come in purple, pink, and black. Girls do not have the black option in size. Otherwise, reviews and feedback have been mostly high praise for Fila’s new shoe line and sales have reflected this positive word of mouth about Fila Skeletoes.

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